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  • Sarcopenia

  • Dynapenia

Sarcopenia is characterized by age related loss of lean skeletal muscle mass and can occur in healthy aging, independent of the presence of disease. Sarcopenia occurs in combination with dynapenia which is the lack of muscle strength.
Sarcopenia presents with a reduction in muscle tissue quality, characterized by higher adipose tissue content in muscles, increased fibrosis, metabolic aberrances known to increase oxidative stress, neuromuscular junction degeneration, and mitochondrial dysfunction, all leading to states of muscle frailty, functional loss (dynapenia) as well as emotional and economic distress.

From his experience in improving skeletal muscle tissue resilience in healthy athletes, Dr. Craig utilized Flashwave® to reverse the effects of aging (sarcopenia and dynapenia) in skeletal muscle tissue.
He postulates that the biocellular transduction effect from Flashwave® therapy stimulates a cycle of satellite cell differentiation into new skeletal muscles, increasing tissue mass and overcoming the sarcopenia related dishomeostasis. His postulation and hypothesis is based on currently elucidated mechanics of action of Flashwave® (ie. vascular genesis, inflammatory modulation, growth factor proliferation etc.), that is related to satellite cell recruitment in homeostatic regulation and the maintenance of skeletal muscles in healthy states.

His pilot study has yielded encouraging results and is now used routinely to address sarcopenia, dynapenia and balance issues in the aging population in his private practices in both the Dominican Republic and New Zealand.

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