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Aesthetics and Skin Management

Flashwave® technology is highly effective across the board of a wide range of medical applications, utilizing acoustic waves with a spezific wave pattern. As such Flashwave® is a new and innovative treatment option in aesthetic medicine, as well as in dermatology, where it’s a technological breakthrough in treatment of many wound-related problems.

For treatment of skin indications Flashwave® focuses on tissue engineering, accomplished through cellular communication and activation. The ability to communicate with different cells allows for treatment and management
of vastly different skin-related medical indications.



  • Anti-cellulite treatment

  • Wrinkle smoothing

  • Skin elasticity improvement

  • Connective tissue tightening

  • Treatment of pregnancy stretch marks

  • Treatment of post-liposuction irregularities

  • Skin rejuvenation



  • Non-healing lesions

  • Acute and chronic lesions

  • Post traumatic lesions

  • Post-operative healing disorders

  • Venous and arterial ulcers

  • Decubitus ulcers

  • Burns (up to level 2b)

  • Scar tissue

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