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About us

A group of highly experienced German engineers and experts, who over the last 25 years have been at the forefront of technological innovations at various companies, specializing in medical products, got together with the goal of revolutionizing the way specific medical indications can be treated.

All of us, while understanding the importance of surgical interventions in a multitude of medical fields, feel surgery is not the answer to many of the most common diseases and medical problems our societies face today.


We set out to develop a new therapy option which allows doctors from different medical fields to treat an even wider range of medical indications without surgery, incisions, injections or drug treatments.


After gaining expertise and pushing forward technologies in the fields of laser, shockwave therapy, ultrasound and x-ray, we were searching for a technology which offers us all the technological and medical benefits we’ve been looking for, without any sideeffects or risks for the patients treated with it.

When we started this project, our goal was to offer a pain-free, biological treatment with a cellular working mechanism, which can be carried out on an outpatient basis. Based on our previous experiences with shockwave and ultrasound we realized transduction, the physical stimulation of specific cellular receptors, was a promising starting point for our new technology and therapy idea.

Faced with the problem of achieving a therapeutic effect without physically inserting anything into or altering the body, we decided to continue our technological development of acoustic waves as carrier of the energy we’re applying during treatment.

The result of our research, countless conversations with doctors from all fields of medicine, rigorous testing, feedback from patients as well as our technical expertise and dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s perceived possible, is Flashwave®, the first ever truly regenerative medical therapy.

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