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  • What is Flashwave®?
    Flashwave® is a new therapy based on cellular communication and activation of endogenous stem cells.
  • How does Flashwave® therapy work?
    Flashwave® therapy combines our Flashwave® technology (the device) with a sophisticated diagnostic process and our specific treatment protocols. The combination of all three is what causes Flashwave’s® unique treatment results
  • What is Flashwave® technology?
    Flashwave® is an acoustic wave which we’ve designed and modulated specifically for cellular communication. Flashwave® is like speaking a language our cells understand and telling them what they should do.
  • Acoustic wave - is Flashwave® ultrasound?
    No, Flashwave® isn’t ultrasound. Acoustic waves are basically everything you can hear, they come in many vastly different patterns and wavelengths. Flashwave® and ultrasound are both acoustic waves, but with entirely different physical properties and effects on humans. Think of it this way: A person nicely playing the guitar and the sound of a kitchen mixer are both acoustic waves, yet they’re totally different and affect you differently. You want to listen to the guitar player, but you want to stop the noise from the mixer because it’s annoying. Different acoustic waves, different effects: The same logic applies to Flashwave® and ultrasound.
  • Acoustic wave – is Flashwave® shockwave?
    The vast majority of systems sold as shockwave devices use air pressure or magnetic fields and a metal rod to create a pressure wave (“shockwave”). Treatment guidelines from the International Society for Medical Shockwave Therapy instruct the users (therapists/doctors) to apply the pressure wave superficially to the area the patient is showing symptoms, primarily aimed at tendon or joint-pain. Flashwave® is nothing like that, it’s an entirely different technology and therapy approach: Flashwave® technology uses a high-voltage electric discharge (“flash”) in our specifically created liquid to create a wave which travels at hypersonic speed from our CCI (Cellular Communication Interface) through the application area and centimeters deep into the patient. Flashwave® therapy prioritizes healing the cause of medical problems, not treating the symptoms, primarily focussing on muscles. The Flashwave Faculty instructs and educates our users (physicians/doctors/surgeons) about all aspects of Flashwave® therapy, setting the treatment protocols for all of our medical users.
  • What’s the science behind Flashwave® technology?
    Flashwave® uses STIMULOKINETICS to interact with cells. We’re more than happy to explain STIMULOKINETICS in it’s entirety to you in one of Dr. Craig’s workshops/trainings. The other two aspects of STIMULOKINETICS are the intellectual property of the doctor who pioneered the use of Flashwave®, Dr. Kenneth Craig S. Vincent. The first step of STIMULOKINETICS are the shearing forces affecting the cells, which is also what we publish in our marketing materials.
  • How long does Flashwave® therapy take?
    Flashwave® therapy in total takes anywhere between 30 and 45 min. Application of Flashwave® normally takes 8 – 15 minutes, depending on the size of the area that needs to be treated. The diagnostic part can take up to 30 min, depending what needs to be treated.
  • How many sessions of Flashwave® will I need?
    In MMC assume 3 sessions as standard Chronic wounds may take up to 8 sessions, but can also be healed after as little as two sessions. It’s strongly dependent on location and patient compliance. Complex pain cases show significant improvement with 5 - 6 sessions Urology indications require 3 - 5 sessions, depending on the indication Aesthetic indications typically also require three sessions
  • Is Flashwave® painful?
    For many indications Flashwave® is completely painfree In MMC Flashwave® therapy can cause discomfort up to pain, depending on the individual indication and pain sensitivity
  • Can I take pain medication and do Flashwave® therapy?
    Yes, the outcome of Flashwave® therapy is not affected by pain medication Still, please consult with your Flashwave® provider before scheduling a therapy
  • What are the contraindications for Flashwave® therapy?
    Currently the only contraindication for Flashwave® is a tumor in the treatment area If you’re undergoing cancer treatment and would like to have Flashwave® therapy for an unrelated problem, please consult with your Flashwave® provider
  • I’m pregnant – can I still get Flashwave® therapy?
    Absolutely, as Flashwave® has no known sideeffects. As long as your baby isn’t directly in the treatment area there’s no reason not to treat you.
  • What are the side-effects of Flashwave® therapy?
    Flashwave® therapy has no known side effects! The worst case scenario is no change in your medical situation, best case is complete healing
  • Does my insurance cover Flashwave® therapy?
    Depending on your country of residence and your insurance provider, yes, Flashwave® might be covered by your insurance. More often than not insurance doesn’t cover Flashwave® therapy and you’ll have to pay for it on your own
  • How much does Flashwave® therapy cost?
    Pricing for Flashwave® therapy varies greatly based not only on country of residence, but also region, facility, doctor and indication Please consult directly with your doctor/medical provider to get an estimate for your treatment cost
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