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Flashwave Patientenflyer A4 MMC 2019 EN.


Flashwave® therapy is highly effective across a wide spectrum of medical applications. In musculoskeletal management and correction (MMC) the biocellular communication of Flashwave® activates the necessary regenerative and healing responses in skeletal muscles and their associated structures.

Flashwave® therapy initiates a myriad of positive biocellular responses, modulates and corrects  dishomeostasis, translating into tissue regeneration and functional return.

The broad spectrum of biocellular homeo-static modulation and correction allows Flashwave® therapy to be appropriately employed in multiple musculoskeletal (MSK) applications including:

  • Sports and occupational trauma

  • Tissue recovery and resilience

  • Age related muscular and locomotion management

  • Post stroke trauma rehabilitation

  • Pain syndromes

MMC Flashwave

Flashwave® therapy benefits in



  • Offers a completely new treatment option for various difficult-to-treat indications in regenerative medicine addressing:

    • Injury recovery

    • injury prevention

    • Anti-aging

    • Complex pain

    • Muscle dysfunction syndromes

  • Short treatment times

  • Long-term treatment survival

  • Safe and systemically neutral

  • Biocellular communication triggering innate homeostatic return mechanisms

  • Light, compact and mobile

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