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How does Flashwave® work medically?

Flashwaves® are longitudinal waves traveling to and through the body at supersonic velocity, carrying the energy of the flash which created them. The physical force of Flashwave® causes shedding of microvesicles from cell membranes without harming the cells.

  • These microvesicles contain nucleic acids as well as proteins and other molecules that activate neighboring cells. Thereby intrinsic healing and repair mechanisms get initiated.

  • These include the release of angiogenic growth factors, leading to vessel sprouting (angiogenesis) and the activation of stem cells causing new vessel formation (vasculogenesis).

  • Simultaneously an increase of the metabolic activity of cells, proliferation and a positive, modulating effect on inflammation can be observed.

Regular mitochondria activity

Flashwave® activated cross cellular communication of mitochondria

Flashwave® initiates communication with and among cells,

activating an intrinsic repair program within the tissue.

This revolutionary cellular communication is the key to Flashwave’s® unique medical efficacy without any relevant side effects.

Technological Background

At the core of our technology is a high-voltage electrical discharge. The visual result of the powerful discharge in the kilovolt range is a flash, the acoustic result a bang.


To harness the energy created by the flash we’re surrounding it with a specifically created liquid, which is displaced once the flash is ignited inside the liquid. The displacement in the liquid creates the wave which carries the energy needed for the biocellular transduction, traveling at a supersonic velocity from our Cellular Communication Interface (CCI®) to the treatment area.

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